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January 2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part 2)

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The second half of January is gone, and it is undoubtely clear that this month has been characterized by hacktivism and will be remembered for the Mega Upload shutdown. Its direct and indirect aftermaths led to an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks in terms of LOIC-Based DDoS (with a brand new self service approach we will need to get used to), defacements and more hacking initiatives against several Governments and the EU Parliament, all perpetrated under the common umbrella of the opposition to SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. These attacks overshadowed another important Cyber Event: the Middle East Cyberwar (which for the sake of clarity deserved a dedicated series of posts, here Part I and Part II) and several other major breaches (above all Dreamhost and New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric).

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Next Generation Firewalls and Web Applications Firewall Q&A

If I ask to an average skilled information security professional what a firewall is, I am pretty sure that he will be able to answer my question and describe with great detail concepts as packet filter, application proxy and stateful inspection.... Read More

Cross-Site Scripting in svendita… All’Android Market

Per un giorno mi ero ripromesso di non parlare dei problemi di sicurezza dell’Androide ma non ce l’ho fatta… Non si sono ancora sopite del tutto le polemiche relative al modello di sicurezza dell’Android Market (io invece mi ero quasi sopito) che oggi è trapelata la notizia di una grave vulnerabilità di tipo XSS esistente, dalla sua origine, nella versione Web dell’Android Market. Prima della sua scoperta da parte di Jon Oberheide (ricercatore di sicurezza non nuovo a questo genere di scoperte), la vulnerabilità  in questione era sfruttabile inserendo codice malevolo  all’interno del campo “Description” nella finestra di pubblicazione delle applicazioni.... Read More