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16-31 December Cyber Attacks Timeline

Despite still related to December 2014, here is the first timeline for 2015 covering the main events occurred between the 16th and 31st December 2014 (first part here).

No doubt, this Christmas will be remembered for the unwelcome surprise of the DDoS attack performed by the infamous Lizard Squad against the online services of Sony and Microsoft. An attack that has shattered the dreams of many players, just few minutes after unwrapping their brand new consoles under the Christmas Tree. However, the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and inevitably two members of the collective have allegedly been arrested (not before having attempted a Sybil Attack against Tor).

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A Strange Coincidence

After the revelation of the Chinese attack against the Gray Lady, other U.S. media companies have admitted to have been targeted by (probably state-sponsored) Chinese Hackers in 2012. Immediately after the NYT, even the Wall Street Journal has revealed to have been infiltrated, and similar rumors have emerged for Bloomberg and the Washington Post in what appears to be a systematic hostile campaign.... Read More

October 2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Click here for the first part covering the Cyber Attacks from 1 to 15 October 2012.

Here is the timeline for the main Cyber Attacks in October 2012. A month that has been characterized by hacktivism and also by several remarkable cyber crime operations.

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July 2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part II)

Click here for Part I.

The Dog Days are nearly here. Weather forecast are announcing for Italy one of the hottest summers since 2003, and the same can be said for the Infosec temperature, although, July 2012 has been very different from the same month of 2011, which was deeply characterized by hacktvism.

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Nokia e Microsoft: Matrimonio Al Volo

E alla fine il gran giorno è arrivato: il fatidico #feb11 si è concretizzato, e in un tranquillo venerdì di febbraio Nokia e Microsoft hanno annunciato l’alleanza strategica di cui si vociferava da qualche tempo. L’alleanza porterà nel corpo metallico dei terminali Nokia un cuore a finestre e si estenderà agli altri prodotti e servizi di Casa Microsoft: Il motore di ricerca Microsoft Bing e i servizi pubblicitari adCenter costituiranno i punti di ingresso al mondo Web dei terminali Nokia, mentre Nokia porterà in dote la sua consolidata forza nell’imaging. Ovi Maps sarà un tassello centrale nei servizi di georeferenziazione Microsoft e sarà integrato con Bing, mentre nello stesso tempo, Ovi Store (il mercato di applicazioni di casa Nokia) sarà assimilato integrato nel Marketplace di Microsoft. Xbox Live e Office saranno anche della partita e integrati nei futuri terminali di Nokia. La speranza congiunta è quella di distruggere gli altri ecosistemi mobili attuali e di vincere le prossime sfide.... Read More