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One Year Of Android Malware (Full List)

Update August 14: After the list (and the subsequent turmoil) here is the Look Inside a Year Of Android Malware.... Read More

Happy Birthday! One Year of Android Malware

Exactly One year ago (9 August 2010) Kaspersky discovered the first SMS Trojan for Android in the Wild dubbed SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a. This is considered a special date for the Google Mobile OS, since, before then, Android Malware was a litte bit more than en exercise of Style, essentially focused on Spyware. After that everything changed, and mobile malware targeting the Android OS become more and more sophisticated.... Read More

Nine Months Of Living Dangerously

The title of this post is not a subset of the famous Peter Weir’s MovieThe Year Of Living Dangerously“, featuring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver, but rather refers to the dangerous months which the Android is living, from the second half of 2010 to this first half of 2011, which saw a dramatic increase in Android Malware.... Read More

DroidDream: Google lo Sradica da Remoto

Qualche giorno fa ho dedicato un post all’ultimo malware (è proprio il caso di dire da sogno) dell’Androide: il famigerato DroidDream. L’ennesima minaccia mobile per l’androide ha creato un pericoloso precedente, essendo il primo malware, a differenza dai suoi illustri predecessori (Geinimi, HongTouTou e ), ad aver fatto breccia direttamente nel market ufficiale.... Read More