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Deutsche Telekom Unveils its Security Tachometer

As an ideal follow-up of my old post A (Graphical) World of Botnets and Cyber Attacks, I would like to mention a really interesting project unveiled by Deutsche Telekom few days ago. (the literal translation should sound similar to “security tachometer”) is based on the honeymap project (just like HoneyNet) and shows the real-time data of the early warning system of Deutsche Telekom operated from the operator and its partners. The map shows the attacks detected by the different sensors (Honeypots) with evidence of the countries in relation of the overall number of attacks and a live-ticker. sicherheitstacho

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A (Graphical) World of Botnets and Cyber Attacks

Update 3/12/2013: I should also mention the Deutsche Telekom Security Tachometer

We live in a World made of Botnets and cyber attacks! While I am typing these few words in my keyboard, other fingers somewhere else in the Globe are moving quickly through the keys, firing stream of bits against their targets.

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BotClouds Still Hard to Detect (And Mitigate)

This morning, during my usual virtual promenade through my feeds, I came across a really interesting post from Stratsec, a subsidiary of Bae Systems.

The post unveils the details of an unprecedented experiment aimed to verify how easy and cheap is to setup a botCloud and how hard is for the Cloud providers to detect them (and consequently advise the victims).

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Even Botnets Go on Holidays!

The attack model based on botnet-generated Distributed Denials of Service is opportunistic. The botmaster selects a target, gathers as many resources as possible among his army of zombie machines, and when he realizes to have achieved enough firepower, simply selects a target and pushes the attack button. After this the target is inevitably flooded by packets generated by the bots, while the unaware owners of the zombie machines perform their normal work or fun activities with their infected computers.

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